Recap of the 2016 Steel City Boys College Showcase

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The Steel City Boys College Showcase sponsored by Century V was held on February 13th/14th and was an overwhelming success.  The day and a half event included our u16 and u17 Gold teams as they hosted several of the top clubs in the region welcoming in: Baltimore Celtic, LDC Crushers, Empire, Everest, and Stars United.  The event was capped off with a Century V Futures game in which the u14 Gold team squared off against the u15 Gold team.

Due to the strong regional and national recruiting interest with the Century teams and the guest teams participating, over 45 NCAA Mens’ Collegiate Soccer programs were in attendance to scout the talent that was all under one roof with 53 coaches in total.

The weekend included a series of games, a college symposium, coaches social, and a goalkeeper and striker exhibition.  The event ran smoothly and afforded these players the opportunity to play in front of 12 NCAA Division 1 programs, 10 NCAA Division 2 programs, and 23 NCAA Division 3 programs.  Already, many programs are reaching out to players in attendance and connections have been made due to this event. 

Due its overwhelming success, Century is actively planning for the 2017 showcase expanding to a full weekend, more teams, more offerings, and more college programs.  Already we have commits for next year and this special event is going to be an exclusive yearly staple for our club and its players. 

Some quotes from coaches regarding the weekend; due to NCAA requirements no names will be used.

NCAA Division 1 Coach-“Thanks again for working so hard to put together such a great event.  It really is great to be able to come to an event that’s so close…it’s a great opportunity.  Going forward, I see a lot of what you see—I see an event that has huge potential to continue to improve and you guys are on to something big having started this. “

NCAA Division 1 Coach- “The Steel City Showcase was a fantastic event for our program to attend in February 2016.  From the timing of the event in the recruiting calendar to the opportunity to evaluate prospective student-athletes in several future recruiting classes, the Century V staff did a great job putting on a professional showcase for all of the clubs involved as well as the college coaches in attendance.”

NCAA Division 1 Coach- “Thanks for hosting a great event. I came away very impressed with the level of play from all the teams involved.  You guys have a great group and are doing a great job with the kids. I wish Century V all the best moving forward.”

NCAA Division 3 Coach-“Thanks so much for an excellent weekend.  The facility was 

fantastic, a great location, and field for the players to exhibit their play.  The quality of play was great and I look forward to coming back next year as the event expands in size.  The Steel City Showcase was a great first year event, I'm excited to return in future years to the AHN facility for an expanded showcase of even more quality teams. Century were great hosts for the event that provided terrific support and hospitality."


NCAA Division 3 Coach- “Well done, enjoyed the showcase. The new facility was first class with a large indoor space allowing teams to play 11v11, and it provided a good viewing area for the college coaches, who represented Division-I, II, and III programs from across the region. The showcase featured a mix of quality U16, U17, and U18 teams from neighboring states, and I'm certainly looking forward to attending future events.”

NCAA Division 3 Coach- “First off, thanks for putting the weekend’s Showcase and festivities together. It was great to have something like that within an hour of us and we certainly look forward to the coming years!  As for feedback, overwhelmingly positive from our end! The competition was very good for a first year event, facilities were top notch and I’m always appreciative of the coaches hospitality. Props to you on a job well done!

NCAA Division 3 Coach- "It was a great event this weekend. Well run, well put together, well organized, and amazing food! You guys really took care of the college coaches well. I will definitely plan on coming back next year if you are planning to host it again.”


NCAA Division 3 Coach- “I wanted to thank you for putting together a great weekend. 

It was a first class event all the way around. The opportunity that you provided for the kids and the coaches will no doubt be beneficial for all involved. Looking forward to talking with you again soon. Again, I truly appreciated everything this weekend.”